Ratchathewi Station
Dental Clinic

Our clinic located very close to
Ratchathewi Station Skytrain
Bangkok, Thailand


Tel. 02- 2194272, 086-3070109,086-3088953
open daily : 10 am. - 8 pm.



Dental Clinic Thailand
Our Dental Technology and Equipments

Laser Teeth Whitening Machine   Cool-Light Teeht Whitening Machine   Autoclave Sterilization Machine



Digital Panoramic X-Ray Machine  
Portable Intra-Oral X-Ray Machine

We have portable intra-oral X-Ray Camera,
our dentist can X-Ray your teeth on the dental chai.

  Ultrasonic Scaler



Handpieces   UV Sterilization Machine   Lighted-Cured for White Filling



    Vacuum Former for making teeth whitening tray